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Orthodox Pillars of Faith

Course Ouline

Course Description

This course has been designed to give you a thorough knowledge/analysis of the orthodox fatherly literature pertaining to the Bible, dogma, and dogma in liturgical texts. This course will explore the main facets of Christian theology and the writings of early fathers and Christian theologians. Who are the Fathers? What role do they play in the orthodox Christian church? Is it something we simply can’t live without? These are just some of the questions we’ll be looking at in Orthodox Pillars of Faith (OPF).


Lectures will be held over two weekends, June 7 - 9, 2019 and July 5 - 7, 2019. The location of the program will be announced closer to the start of the course, along with the detailed schedule. Lectures will be held on weekends (2-3 days) throughout the course, Friday evening to Sunday afternoon.


Four Units:

  1. Unit 1: Gatte to Patrology

  2. Unit 2: Fathers and the Holy Bible

  3. Unit 3: Fathers and Dogma

  4. Unit 4: Dogma in Liturgical Texts

Learning Outcomes
  1. Analyze, evaluate, and apply specific theoretical frameworks and knowledge to help younger people.

  2. Assess the reliability, importance, and validity of patristics in relation to the Bible and dogma and the liturgy.

  3. Critically reflect on patrology, patrology and the Holy Bible and patrology in dogma in order to develop a broader and deeper understanding of fatherly writings in church.