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Clerical Council

Diocese of Mississauga Vancouver and Western Canada


The Clerical Council for Family Affairs- Mississauga, Vancouver and Western Canada (MVWC) was established by H.H. Pope Tawadros II and the Holy Synod of the Coptic Orthodox Church in 2015. The Council is the tribunal authorized by the Coptic Orthodox Church to adjudicate applications for remarriage, grant or refuse permissions to remarry and all related family affairs.

 The Clerical Council for Family Affairs- Mississauga, Vancouver and Western Canada has jurisdiction of First instance over family affair matters in the diocese of Mississauga, Vancouver and Western Canada (MVWC). The Council applies biblical teachings and Coptic Cannon seeks to apply the Law so as to and to protect the rights and dignity of each person, without discrimination or favoritism. The Council acts with utmost professionalism and ensures that the its Rules and Processes are applied consistently to each and every case. and in All matters before the Council are held in strict full confidentiality and professionalism.

Council Members

The Council is presided by H.G. Bishop Mina and is comprised of seven additional members: Hegomen Angelos Saad, Fr. Metias Ibrahim, Fr. Antonious Samaan, Fr. Domadius Saleh, Fr. Marcos Farag, Fr. David Daoud, and Fr. Morcos Hanna.